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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers that are not dealt with in the main Customer Care Wizard help index are listed below.

If you are unable to find an answer to your question below please feel free to click here to contact us.

Q. What information do you need to accept my reservation?

A. When reserving a place for your vehicle you will be expected to provide details of the vehicle type, length, height & registration number, including any additional features such as a roof rack or luggage you intend to store on top of the vehicle. We will also require the names of all passengers travelling in the vehicle. Make sure you have these details to hand when making your booking.

Q. What is the ferry departure / arrival time and how long will it take me to get to my destination?

The exact duration of your voyage depends on several factors such as tides, weather conditions and the type of vessel you sail on. The only way to determine the precise daparture and arrival time of a particular voyage is to perform a price check by clicking here. After you have selected the route, departure time and any accommodation options you will be displayed both the departure and arrival times for that particular voyage as well as the ticket cost. Please note that arrival times are the time in the destination country and not local UK time.

Q. I need driving directions to my departure port?

A. For more information and driving directions to the ferry terminal please click here and choose your particular port from the menu selection.

Q. Why are ticket prices sometimes different?

A. Prices often depend on the time of day at which the sailing takes place. Peak season and weekend sailings are generally more expensive, as are overnight sailings long enough to permit a good night's sleep. Generally on short crossings the most cost effective time to travel is between 8pm and 7am. Likewise, short daytime sailings are often more expensive than short sailings at night. Decide which is your priority, convenience or cost. It is usually always cheaper to book your ferry ticket online than by telephone.

Q. I want to travel to multiple destinations. How do I book this type of ticket?

A. If you are not making a straightforward return journey & want to journey between various countries before returning home, simply give us a call on UK 0870 1129 374. You could waste an awful lot of money on single journeys when usually companies will provide special prices for country-hoppers.

Q. How do I get my booking confirmed?

A. Once you have made payment, you will see a booking confirmation screen and an automatic email confirmation will be sent to you. These will contain all relevant travel and payment information about your booking. On the day of travel, quote your booking reference number to our check-in staff and your boarding card will be issued.

Q. How do I amend or cancel my booking?

A. If you need to amend or cancel you booking, please click here for the relevant section in the Customer Service Wizard and have your booking reference number to hand. Please note that some offers booked may have limited flexibility and/or attract an amendment or cancellation charge.

Q. How do I contact a particular ferry company?

A. If you wish to contact a ferry company directly you may do so by clicking here.

Q. Am I able to order meals on the ferry in advance?

A. Unfortunately not. The restaurants on the ferries operate a 1st come / 1st served policy with only ferries on the longer voyages accepting table reservations that are only able to made after you have boarded.

Q. I don't know the registration of the vehicle I will be travelling in or will use a hire car, can I still book online?

A. Yes you can; simply enter the vehicle registration as 'TBA' or 'Rental Car' and we will clarify it at the port when you check in.

Q. We are a group of 10 (ten) or more travelling together - how do we book our tickets?

As a group of ten or more passengers travelling together (even in seperate vehicles) you would qualify for a group discount. To obtain a group ticket price please click here.

Q. Do you accept animals / pets on the ferries?

A. Most ferries do allow you to travel with pets. Click here to read our comprehensive guide on this topic.

Q. Can I reserve more than one vehicle space on single reservation /booking?

A. No, for each vehicle you must make a separate booking, this also applies to motorcycles and bicycles. If your party would like to share cabins please call us on 0870 1129 374 to book.

Q. I have a different number of passengers travelling on the outbound leg of my journey than on the return, how do I book this?

A. Unfortunately, it is not possible to select different passenger numbers for each leg of your journey online. You may either book a seperate 'foot passenger' ticket(s) for the passengers traveling one way only who may then still travel with you or please call us on 0870 1129 374 and we will be happy to assist you with your request.

Q. Do I have to book a cabin when I travel?

A. Other than on overnight voyages you do not have to book a cabin or special seating.

Q. Can I book a trip starting from outside the U.K.?

A. Yes you may simply be selecting the route you will travel as per normal. The only difference may be that you will be billed Euros and not GBPounds.

Q. Can I take bicycles on the ferry? How do I book this?

A. Most ferries allow passengers to travel and board with bicycles. To book a ticket and travel by bicylce simply select 'bicycle' as you mode of transport from the vehicle type menu option when booknig your ticket. If bicycles are not listed as a vheicle type on the route you have selected that means the ferry operator for that route does not accept bicycles.

Q. When will I receive my tickets?

A. We now operate a ticketless travel system. Therefore, when you make your reservation you will be asked to either print off your booking confirmation or make a note of your booking reference number. A copy will also be sent to you via email. On the day of travel you will be asked to quote your booking reference at the vehicle check-in.

Q. Can I just turn up at the port and buy my ticket?

A. Yes you may but please note, only standard brochure rate fares are available to buy at the port. Prices quoted over the telephone and the internet are generally a lot cheaper than the brochure fares and are not valid for sale at the port. The most cost method of buying your ferry ticket is to do so online as far in advance as possible.

Q. What is the minimum age for children to travel unaccompanied?

A. Children aged 16 and over are permitted to travel unaccompanied.

Q. After entering my credit card details, another screen appears requesting more information.

A. This web site is compliant with 3D Secure credit card technology. Depending on your card issuer, your Visa or MasterCard may already be enrolled for the Verified-by-Visa or MasterCard SecureCode schemes. These schemes ensure that your card cannot be misused on the internet as it requires cardholder authentication for every transaction.

Q. How long before the departure time should I check-in?

A. Vehicles should check-in at no later than 30 minutes before your scheduled departure. Anyone arriving at check-in after this time may be refused permission to embark. Please note, port security and immigration checks occur prior to check-in and you must allow additional time for these. Please also note, foot passengers should check-in at least 45 minutes prior to departure and disabled passengers and groups at least 60 minutes before their scheduled departure. Passengers travelling with pets are also requested to allow extra time.

Q. How do I make arrangements for the disabled members of my party?

A. We make every effort to accommodate those passengers with reduced mobility. You should first complete your online reservation as per normal and then click here to request your ticket be amended accordingly. There is no amendment fee for this type of online reservation amendment. If booking by telephone you should make this known to the telephone operator at the time of making your reservation.

Q. Does it matter that I have a roof box or bicycles attached to my car?

A. It is not a problem having a roof box or bicycles attached to your vehicle. There is no additional cost to taking a roof box or bicycles unless it increases the length of your vehicle OR increases the height of your vehicle above that specified when booking your ticket.

Q. As a foot passenger, can I take luggage with me?

A. Foot passengers are permitted to travel with luggage and, for safety and security reasons, you are requested not to leave your luggage unattended either in the port or onboard the ferry. If you have not booked a cabin you may be required to keep your luggage with you for the duration of the voyage.

Q. I have a Railpass, can I book a trip using this web site?

A. Unfortunately not. Our online ferry ticket reservation system does not cater for rail pass holders.

Q. Is there a bus service between the ports and train/bus stations?

A. Most ports are able to reached using public transport. For more information on public transport to the ferry terminal please click here and choose your particular port from the menu selection.

Q. Can I change my money to Euros onboard the ferry?

A. Most of the ferries offer a bureau de change service onboard.

Q. Is duty free shopping still available onboard?

A. Alcohol and tobacco purchased in our bars and restaurants is still available free of duty, however, duty free shopping was abolished within the European Union in 1999. We now offer passengers to buy alcohol, tobacco and perfume at duty paid prices in our shops saving up to 40% on UK high street prices.

Q. Can I smoke onboard?

A. In the interests of passenger comfort, all public areas of the ferries are non smoking. It is, however, possible to smoke on the outside decks or in specially designated areas.

Q. Do I need a passport to travel by ferry?

A. All persons including babies travelling to France need to be in possession of a vaild passport. French passport control takes place prior to check-in. For more information, please click here or, alternatively, you can call the French Consulate on 020 7073 1200. Please note, not all British passports are valid for travel to France. On Ireland/Britain Routes it is recommend you bring your passport when travelling abroad. Irish and British citizens do not strictly require a passport to travel between the two countries - some form of identification is however required. Photo ID, Bank Cards or bills for house utilities addressed to you are all acceptable and useful means of identification. Please note that all other nationalities require passports. Non-EU nationals should check with the British Embassy before travelling as they may need a visa. See for more information. It is the responsibility of each passenger to ensure that their own documentation is valid.

Q. Where can I obtain a visa to enter France / EU member countries?

A. Visas must be requested from the French Consulate in London or Edinburgh. For more information, please click here or call the Consulate visa line on 09065 540 700. Please note, visas are dealt with on appointment basis only.

Q. Is travel insurance recommended?

A. We strongly recommend that all passengers travelling to Europe are in possession of a valid E111 health form available from your local post office and travel insurance. Our personal recomendation for your peace of mind is Columbus Travel Insurance who are reliable, well established and not expensive. Click here to get a price and to order Columbus Travel Insurance online.

Q. Are there any legal requirements needed for my car to drive in France?

A. Vehicles travelling in France are legally required to have certain breakdown and emergency equipment stored in the vehicle. For a list of items required, please click here . A range of the necessary items is sold on board our vessels.

Q. Do you ship vehicles which run on Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)?

A. Vehicles converted to LPG or camper vans carrying LPG cylinders are accepted for shipment onboard our ferries. Please note, vehicles are limited to carrying one LPG cylinder and must isolate it during the crossing.

Q. What happens if I book a day trip, and don't use the return crossing?

A. The discounted Day Trip tickets are strictly only for voyages completed the same day and are not valid for single journeys or where the return journey is made on a subsequent day.The reservation service reserves the right to charge the credit card user for the ticket transaction with the appropriate fare, without further reference, up to a maximum of £177.50, (based on a standard fare) where these conditions are not adhered to. If, however, you can provide satisfactory evidence that the Day Trip ticket conditions have been complied with and you did return within the same calendar day, the appropriate refund will be made to you immediately.

Q. How do I know which ferry company I am booking with?

A. Once you have made your booking you will receive your on-screen and email booking confirmation. This includes ferry operating company, port address, check-in time and other essential information. Also, if you look at the terms and conditions for your quotation/booking you will see the operators you have chosen for your routes.

Q. Are bookings transferable to another vehicle?

A. Yes providing the dimensions are the same as the original AND the passengers remain the same people.

Q. Is my credit card number secure when I make a booking?

A. Yes, all online bookings are handled via a secure server which encrypts all your details into a format that cannot be recognised. The ticket reservations website uses Thawte SSL encryption technology - for more information please click here.

Q. I would like to make a booking without a car. How can I do this?

A. To make a foot passenger booking please select 'Foot passenger' from the Vehicle dropdown at stage 2 of the booking process.

Q. I require assistance or advice in completing my ferry reservation.

If you require any assistance on booking a ferry crossing then do not hesitate to call our UK customer service centre to complete your reservation telephonically. Our telephone ferry ticket reservation service hours are 8am-9pm, 7 days a week. Please note that our telephone operators are only able to assist you complete your ferry ticket reservation and are not trained to offer other information such as driving directions from your home to the port, weather conditions, ferry restaurant prices, etc. Please click here to refer to the Online Customer Service wizard if you require this type information.

Our ferry ticket telephone reservation service telephone number is on 0870 1129 374 .

Q. My question is not listed above

A. If you are unable to find an answer to your question above please click here to contact us directly.


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