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Brittany Ferries

Viking Lines Ferries   Viking Line Ferries Online Ferry Ticket Sales and Reservations


VIKING LINE FERRIES - Cruise the world's largest archipelago between Finland and Sweden with the luxurious and spacious Viking Line cruise ships between the two Nordic capitals - Helsinki and Stockholm, or combine two Baltic capitals - Helsinki and Tallinn, the medieval capital of Estonia.

Viking Line Ferries

Helsinki Mariehamn . Helsinki Stockholm
Helsinki Tallinn . Kapellskar Langnas
Kapellskar Mariehamn . Kapellskar Turku
Langnas Kapellskar . Langnas Stockholm
Langnas Turku . Mariehamn Helsinki
Mariehamn Kapellskar . Mariehamn Stockholm
Mariehamn Turku . Stockholm Helsinki
Stockholm Langnas . Stockholm Mariehamn
Stockholm Turku . Tallinn Helsinki
Turku Kapellskar . Turku Langnas
Turku Mariehamn . Turku Stockholm

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Viking Lines Ferries Euro







Viking Line commenced service in 1959, when the S/S Viking began sailing between the Finnish mainland, the Åland Islands and Sweden.

Today's Viking Line Abp was established in 1963 under the name Ålandsfärjan Ab. It gained a listing on the Helsinki Stock Exchange on July 5, 1995.

Today Viking Line has seven vessels, which sail between the Finnish mainland, Åland and Sweden as well as between Finland and the Baltic states. Operations include passenger services, recreation and cargo carrier services.

Viking Line
Ferry and Cruise Routes

Helsinki to Mariehamn
Helsinki to Stockholm
Helsinki to Tallinn
Kapellskar to Langnas
Kapellskar to Mariehamn
Kapellskar to Turku
Langnas to Kapellskar
Langnas to Stockholm
Langnas to Turku
Mariehamn to Helsinki
Mariehamn to Kapellskar
Mariehamn to Stockholm
Mariehamn to Turku
Stockholm to Helsinki
Stockholmto Langnas
Stockholm to Mariehamn
Stockholm to Turku
Tallinn to Helsinki
Turku to Kapellskar
Turku to Langnas
Turku to Mariehamn
Turku to Stockholm

Vikingline Ferry Tickets


On Board Viking Lines

Add some luxury in your everyday life - get on board!

There is a variety of quality cabins to choose from, ranging from a single conference cabin to our four-berth family cabin, or from a De Luxe cabin to a spacious suite. All cabins have a toilet, shower, radio and air conditioning.

In the evening you can enjoy live entertainment and a delicious dinner. On board there's always something for everyone.

  • Tax Free Shopping - Taxfree shopping is an unforgettable experience. There is a large variety of big and modern shops with a large variety of goods. The new design of the shops is based on comprehensive studies on passengers, traffic flows and purchasing patterns. Annual sales on board exceeds EUR 170 million.

    Viking Line staff is always at your service when in need of advice - happy to be of assistance!

  •  Wine and Dine - A delicious meal complements your Viking Line cruise experience. The Scandinavian Buffet is a longstanding tradition on all cruises. For the true gourmet lover, there are a la carte restaurants, elegantly decorated in different styles. We can especially recommend our traditional Finnish cuisine.

    If you are travelling with a group of at least 10 people, see our delicious menu suggestions and drink recommendations for groups.

Sea Side CafeSeaside Cafe - If you want to drop in for a quick snack, welcome to the Sea Side Café. Here you will find delicious café and bakery products as well as fast food and specialities.

Viking Buffet The Viking Buffet is a traditional, plentiful buffet table, which is renewed 4-5 times a year, according to our special theme weeks and the seasons. Now even more green and light alternatives. Eat and drink as much as you like!

Viking Line Restaurants The Food Garden - Whatever you like! At the core of the Food Garden are the savoury starters and delicious desserts. Combine it with your main dish, or enjoy as a meal in itself.

  • Health and Leisure

    Viking Lines Sauna More steam! - On board viking line Ferries there are relaxing saunas, in-door swimming pool and jacuzzi and sauna bars with barbeque facilities. Groups can also order sauna sausages beforehand at EUR 2/person (not on Cinderella). There are no saunas on board m/s Rosella and m/s Ålandsfärjan. On m/s Mariella the sauna is situated on deck 2. All other boats' saunas are on deck 6.

Viking Lines Ships

Operating one of the largest and most modern ferry cruise ship fleets in europe Viking Line care for the safety of both their passengers and employees. Their most important goal is to create the safest and most secure cruise for everyone.

Viking Line Ferries

Viking Line aims at working for a cleaner environment by using the best available technology and by working according to the principle of sustainable growth.

  • Viking Line M/s Amorella

Viking MS AmorellaTake a cruise from Turku and relax all day and all night. On board the Amorella, it's easy to enjoy the good things in life. Whether your cruise is business or pleasure or both, M/s Amorella offers great facilities for meetings as well as for relaxing get-aways. Our exclusive restaurants will tempt you with delicious dishes and the entertainment is first-class and adapted to a variety of tastes.

  • Viking Line M/s Cinderella

Vinking Lines MS CinderellaThe Cinderella of the Baltic Sea is Viking Line's largest and the most gorgeous ship. The ship's range of entertainment is legendary among our passengers. A few astonishing details are worth mentioning: the panoramic elevator, the three-storey nightclub and the funny Wonderland for children.

  • Viking Line M/s Gabrilella

Viking Line MS GabrilellaA cruise with M/s Gabriella from Helsinki to Stockholm is full of live entertainment, excellent shopping opportunities and delicious tastes in different restaurants. The ship, famous for its luxurious balcony cabins, offers modern facilities both for business conferences and relaxing free time. We feature a broad and varied range of entertainment, with activities for the whole family.

  • Viking Line M/s Bella Isabella

Viking Line MS  Bella IsabellaBella Isabella is a floating entertainment palace, offering all the good things in life you could ever ask for. The stars come out every night - featuring both Finnish and international artists. We also organize theme events including special foods, entertainment and music. Cruise to the night with M/s Isabella - every evening from Turku.

  • Viking Line M/s Mariella

Viking Line MS MariellaExperience M/s Mariella with its light scenery boulevards, tax free shops and casino. Put on your dancing shoes and enjoy the music at the stylish Fun Club. Mariella's cuisine has long traditions - get the tastes for all your senses.

  • Viking Line M/s Rosella

Viking Line M/s RosellaM/s Rosella traffics on the route Helsinki - Tallinn with two daily departures from Helsinki and Tallinn.

  • Viking Line M/s Ålandsfärjan

    Viking Line M/s ÅlandsfärjanM/s Ålandsfärjan is not only a reliable route ship but you can also use it for a pleasure cruise. Change your scenery and take a cruise from Mariehamn to Kapellskär.

M/s Ålandsfärjan offers you a beautiful day at the sea with just enough time for tax free shopping. Enjoy delicious food and drink and live entertainment during the day.

On Friday and Saturday evenings our troubadour often provides live music. The Rödhamn (Red Harbour) Restaurant serves a delicious sea breakfast. At lunch and dinner you can enjoy a traditional meal at the buffet table and the café offers snacks throughout the day.


History of Viking Lines

A new era in passenger travel between the Finnish mainland, the Åland Islands and Sweden began late in the spring of 1959. That was when the first genuine Baltic Sea car ferry, the S/S Viking, was placed in service by a new company called Vikinglinjen Ab, which had been established at the initiative of an Åland sea captain, Gunnar Eklund.

Three shipping companies - Vikinglinjen Ab, Rederi AB Slite and Ålandsfärjan Ab (later SF Line Ab) - soon began working together through a joint marketing company called Oy Viking Line Ab. After two of these three lines suspended their ferry services, the marketing company became a wholly owned subsidiary of SF Line, which today operates under the name Viking Line Abp and is the market-leading cruise and ferry company on the Baltic Sea.

More than fifty vessels have sailed in the fleets of the Viking shipping companies since regular ferry traffic began in 1959. Over the decades, the size, service concepts and range of attractions of these vessels have undergone dramatic changes - from the humble second-hand car ferries of the early years to the impressive fleet of today.

Viking Line vessels combine the luxury and sumptuousness of cruise ships with high-capacity vehicle decks, thereby meeting the needs of cargo traffic and of tourists who wish to continue their journey by car.

In 1959, the s/s Viking was the first genuine car ferry to begin service between the Finnish mainland, Åland and Sweden.

On June 1, the vessel undertook its maiden voyage on the Galtby (Åland)-Mariehamn (Åland)-Gräddö (Sweden) route. The vessel was owned by a newly established company, Rederi Ab Vikinglinjen, in Mariehamn. The ferry was 99 metres long and had a capacity of 88 cars. One week later, the Swedish-based company Rederi AB Slite began ferry service between Simpnäs (Sweden) and Mariehamn on the Slite, a cargo vessel rebuilt into a ferry.

Revolutionary expansion

Many people viewed these new ferry ventures with great scepticism, but they later realized that this was the first phase of an almost revolutionary expansion in ferry communications between the Finnish mainland, Åland and Sweden. Before the ferry epoch began, it was expensive and difficult to travel between the Finnish mainland, Åland and Sweden. People either had to fly or take a night boat that made a detour to Mariehamn during its voyage between Turku and Stockholm. This was both an inconvenient and an expensive trip. Taking along your car was no unproblematic enterprise - cars had to be hoisted on board. This meant a major risk of damage. As for cargo, big rig truck drivers had to drive north all the way around the Baltic Sea via Haparanda when they wanted to transport freight between Stockholm and Helsinki, for example.

Easier and cheaper travel

The newly established service signified a long-awaited transport upswing. Many people's dream of taking their family on a car trip between Finland and Sweden at a reasonable price became a reality. This was because ticket prices were low. A democratization of travel had occurred. Now it was not only the affluent who could afford a trip to their neighbouring country. Cars no longer had to be hoisted on board. The s/s Viking, for example, had a ramp that both cars and trucks could use to drive on board.

Viking Line launched its ferry service under favourable external circumstances. The post-war travel and currency restrictions that had previously hampered development were gone. A passport union among the five Nordic countries made travel unbureaucratic. The establishment of a single Nordic labour market stimulated flows of migration. Economic growth generated a greater need for cargo service and led to a new phenomenon, mass car ownership. Combined with the opportunity to buy duty- and tax-free goods on board, this created favourable preconditions for rapid volume growth in both cargo and passenger services.

In 1960, Vikinglinjen moved its destination port in Sweden from Gräddö to Kapellskär. In the company's judgement, Kapellskär had a more strategic location as the starting point for ferry traffic to the Finnish mainland and Åland.

At Rederi Ab Vikinglinjen, there were different opinions as to whether the company should focus on pure ferry services or on ferry traffic combined with dry cargo and tanker vessels. In 1963, the advocates of a pure ferry service established the shipping company Ålandsfärjan Ab, later SF Line Ab and now Viking Line Abp. The same year, this newly established shipping company placed its own vessel, the s/s Ålandsfärjan (Swedish for The Åland Ferry) in service on the route between Mariehamn and Gräddö, later Kapellskär.

Co-operation begins

Although many people had initially been sceptical of the ferry services, it was not long before others realized the potential of this new industry. The ferry service pioneers soon found that they had imitators. Competition heated up and price wars occurred. People spoke of "suicidal prices" and "the big ferry price war". Market players soon realized the usefulness of co-operation between the shipping companies. As a result, Ålandsfärjan Ab, Rederi AB Slite and Rederi Ab Solstad (formerly Rederi Ab Vikinglinjen, owned by Rederi Ab Sally) began marketing collaboration.

The marketing company Vikinglinjen Ab Oy, now Viking Line Marketing Ab Oy, was established in the autumn of 1966. Red paint was introduced as early as 1965 by Rederi AB Slite on the ms Apollo.

Service expands

The year 1970 is usually called a milestone for Vikinglinjen. Firstly, three newly built vessels based on extensive fresh thinking were delivered. They were all built to meet the highest Scandinavian standards, with special emphasis on comfort and service to passengers. Secondly, the road to the ferry terminal in Kapellskär was promoted to European Highway. This implied that the car ferries became a natural continuation of the highway, with the same European Highway status.

The cruise epoch

During the 1970s and 1980s, car ferry services rapidly evolved from the traditional car ferry concept to the luxurious cruise ferries of today, which satisfy a wide variety of customer needs, such as pleasure cruises, conference cruises, one-way passenger travel and cargo services. Meanwhile the route network gradually expanded to include Naantali (later Turku) and Helsinki as destination ports in Finland, as well as Stockholm on the Swedish side. Late in the 1980s, cruise services to Estonia also began.

Rederi Ab Sally and Rederi AB Slite left the Viking Line consortium in 1988 and 1993, respectively. In 1993, the current Viking Line Abp became the parent company of the Viking Line Group.

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Vikinglines Ferries

Viking Lines Ferries Euro

Cruise the world's largest archipelago between Finland and Sweden with the luxurious and spacious Viking Line cruise ships between the two Nordic capitals - Helsinki and Stockholm. Or combine two Baltic capitals - Helsinki and Tallinn, the medieval capital of Estonia.


"Viking Line" and the Viking Line logo are registered trademarks of Viking Line Abp and are used herein only to identify the product being sold and for no other purpose whatsoever.