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Brittany Ferries

Transmanche Ferries   Transmanche Ferries Online Ferry Ticket Sales and Reservations

TRANSMANCHE FERRIES Transmanche Ferries operate the ferry service between Newhaven and Dieppe in France, the shortest route from Southern England to France, twice a day each way.

      Transmanche Ferries

    • Newhaven to Dieppe
    • Dieppe to Newhaven

Twice Daily Every Day of The Year

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Transmanche Ferries Euro






About Transmanche Ferries

The company was founded on the initiative of the President of the Conseil Général de la Seine maritime, Charles REVET, who refused to allow the route to disappear after the last private operator wound up its service in 1999.

At the time, to increase its profits, the operator had decided to concentrate its operations in one place, summarily eliminating the Dieppe-Newhaven route.

Transmanche Ferries' mission was to take all steps to ensure that the trade and tourist links between the Seine Maritime and Somme départements (districts) and the South of England were preserved and developed.

To achieve this goal, by far the most preferable solution was direct action : the chartering of a first ship then the purchase of a second, since experience had shown that the financial interest of a private company were not necessarily compatible with the economic interests and development of a region.

With these two ships, Transmanche can now offer you freight and passenger services every day and all year round.

Although it is publicly owned, Transmanche Ferries is a company like any other. It must deal with the market, handle competition and, following its start-up period, balance its books.

Transmanche Ferries Company Outlook

Transmanche Ferries is not intended to be a stop-gap, but a lasting company.

While a lot has been accomplished since May 2001, much work remains to be done to achieve their quality ambitions.

Nautical conditions on the route are not ideal and they will have to optimise the ports of Dieppe and Newhaven.

Transmanche Ferries also have to position themselves in relation to the colossal craft that are being built today. Also, the available number of ships worldwide that can be adapted to the Newhaven Dieppe ferry route is very low.

In this context, they intend to provide you with services on a human scale. The best solution will be to order purpose-built ships that are optimally suited to the Dieppe-Newhaven route and slightly faster, bringing you a three-hour crossing with all the comfort of a traditional ship.

  Ferry Route

  Newhaven to Dieppe

  Dieppe to Newhaven

  Newhaven to Dieppe

   Monday to Thursday
   03h00 - 06h00
   18h00 - 21h00

   01h00 - 05h00
   12h30 - 15h30
   18h00 - 21h00

   Saturday and Sunday
   08h00 - 11h00
   20h00 - 23h00


Twice Daily / 3 Hours

 Thrice Daily / 3 Hours

Dieppe to Newhaven

   Monday to Thursday
   08h00 - 13h00
   17h30 - 22h30
   23h00 - 04h30

   08h00 - 13h00
   17h00 - 22h00
   23h00 - 04h30

   Saturday and Sunday
   08h00 - 13h00
   20h00 - 01h00

The Transmanche Ferry Fleet

Transmanche Ferries has two ferries making regular crossings all year round between Newhaven and Dieppe.

Trransmanche Dieppe Ferry

Dieppe Ferry
Type: Car Ferry R0.PAX
Passenger & Freight Vessel

Two stern ramps 5.30m driv. wide, bow ramp driv.
8.00m width, four ramps to upper deck 5.60m driv.
width and one ramp to lower hold 3.00m.

Cargo Capacity
Height of upper trailer deck 4.90m & 4.70m on themain deck.

70 tractor-trailers
22 cabins
32 double cabins
32 cabins with four beds
The ship has a cafeteria, shop,TV room and a lounge area.

Transmanche Ferry Line

Sardinia Vera Ferry
Type: Car Ferry
Passenger & Freight Vessel

Fore and aft doors, maximum headroom 4.52m.

40 tractor-trailers
28 cabins for 4 persons
1 cabin for 4 persons, disabled persons
1 cabin for 3 persons
1 cabin for 2 persons

The ship has a cafeteria (seating capacity 256 persons),
a fore bar (seating capacity 125 persons) and a bar on
the upper deck (seating capacity 90 persons).

Transmanche Ferries Passenger Information

Boarding Procedures

All passengers without exception (whatever their age and including groups) must have a valid national identity card or passport with them. For minors not accompanied by their parents or legal guardian, official parental consent for travel outside their national territory must be shown.

Nationals of some countries outside the European Union must obtain a visa before entering the United Kingdom. They should enquire at the British Embassy or Consulate. No visa will be issued at the port of arrival. In accordance with French law no. 88 1091 of 01/12/1988, TRANSMANCHE FERRIES cannot allow any passenger who fails to fulfil these obligations to board.

We would remind you that if you are turned back by immigration at the port of destination, you risk a fine of £2,000 when this occurs in Great Britain and 1524 € when it occurs in France.

Furthermore, if a stowaway were discovered in your vehicle in Newhaven, this would be an offence under the UK Immigration and Asylum Act of 1999, also punishable by a fine of £2.000, and the seizure of your vehicle. For your own security, you will be asked to open the boot of your vehicle and enable the visual inspection of its interior.

Coach Drivers

The road passenger carrier must ensure that all passengers are in possession of valid papers satisfying the requirements of UK immigration law.
The road carrier will also fully compensate TRANSMANCHE FERRIES for any fines or costs, including the repatriation of any passengers in breach of UK immigration law, that may be imposed on it.

Passenger List

Since the 1st January 2000, new international safety regulations have been introduced for all sea carriers. French law has adopted these rules which compel us to identify all passengers. At the time of booking, we will ask for the name, first name, age and sex of each passenger. Since this rule is compulsory, we cannot carry any passenger for whom you fail or omit to give the proper information.


Each driver can benefit from a cabin during the crossing to allow him to arrive relaxed. All Transmanche Ferries cabins are equipped with showers or basin.


The Transmanche Ferries self-service restaurants offer a variety of balanced meals, including a Continental or English breakfast and full buffet. Vegetarian options are always available.


Transanche Ferries shop on board offers a choice of gifts, perfumes, drinks, souvenirs, etc... Ideal for those last minutes presents.

Bars & Lounges

Take the opportunity during the crossing to watch a film in one of the ferry lounges or enjoy a refreshing drink at the bar. Alcoholic and soft drinks available.

Transmanche Ferries

Travel to Dieppe in the heart of Normandy from Newhaven in the South of England on board a Transmanche Ferry on business or pleasure and experience the genuine hospitality freely offered on all Transmanche Ferries.