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Brittany Ferries

Iscomar Ferries   Iscomar Ferries Online Ferry Ticket Sales and Reservations

Iscomar Ferries operates ferries to Barcelona, Denia, Valencia, Ibiza, Palma de Mallorca, Alcudia and Ciutadella.

Iscomar Ferrys

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Iscomar Balearia Ferries

Iscomar Ferries was founded in 1979 in Palma de Mallorca.

As part of the GRUPO CONTENEMAR - national leader of maritime containers transport and auxiliary activities related to the transport of goods - its activities are centered on transport between the Spanish mainland and the Balearic Islands.

In 1998 Iscomar Ferries opened the Alcudia (Mallorca) - Ciutadella (Menorca) line, for passengers, vehicles and freight. This service continued to grow and because of the success of its first passenger service, in 2002 Iscomar Ferries decided to open a further two routes for passengers and vehicles: Barcelona - Palma de Mallorca and Denia - Ibiza - Palma de Mallorca.



Iscomar Ferries sail from Spain to Baleares, Denia to Ibiza, Valencia to Palma, Barcelona to Mahon and from Palma to Barcelona.

To view an interactive Iscomar Ferrys route map that may help you plan your voyage click over any of the destinations listed on the map below.



Iscomar Ferries maintain a fleet of six modern ferry ships with a large passenger capacity as well as for any kind of vehicle.

Iscomar Ferry Ships

With comfortable seats, wide berths in spacious cabins , snack bars, restaurants, TV-video lounges, boutique and solarium your voyage on Iscomar Ferries is not only safe and comfortable but economical too.

The ferry ships operated by Iscomar Ferrys and the routes they sail are:-


  • Iscomar Pitiusa Nova - Ibiza to Formentera

The smallest of the six ferry craft operated by Iscomar is the catamaran Pitiusa Nova.

Iscomar Pitiusa Ferry Ship

Sailing the Ibiza to Formentera route this ferry has a capacitiy of 302 passengers and 36 cars. With a cruising speed of 30 knots this modern vessel launched in 2005 transports you quickly and safely from Ibiza to the Formentera islands.


  • Iscomar Nura Nova - Alcudia to Ciutadella

Launched in 1998 and recently refitted this ship services the Alcudia to Ciutadella ferry route.

Iscomar Nura Nova Ferry

With a capacity of 377 passengers and 86 vehicles the Nura Nova provides a vital gateway between the main Balearic Islands. The cruisng speed of just 15 knots allows passengers to enjoy a relaxed voyage and time to enjoy a meal in the restaurant and do some shopping between the islands.


  • Iscomar Blanca Del Mar - Barcelona and Palma

Launched in 2006 the ultra modern Blanc Del Mar ro-pax Iscomar ferry sails between Barcelona and Palma.

Iscomar Blanca Del Mar ferry ship

Catering for both passenger transportation and commercial feight the Blanca Del Mar is one of the most modern ferries sailing the Mediteranian.

With restaurants, snack bars, shops, a games arcade, superior cabin accomodation and state of the art navigation equipment this ship is one of the most popular choices for passengers traveling from Barcelona to Palma.

The Iscomar Blanca Del Mar has a payload of 399 passengers and up to 200 cars and trucks and a cruising speed of 23 knots.


  • Iscomar Patricia Del Mar - Valentia and Palma

Providing fast comfortable and economical travel between Valentia and Palma is the Iscomar Patrica DelMar ferry ship.

Iscoma Patricia Del Mar Ferry

This ro-pax ferry has a capacity of 205 passengers and up to 110 cars and trucks. Launched in 2002 and recently refurbished te Patrica Del Mar offers passengers a quality restaurant, snack bar, games arcade, bar and superior grade cabins.


  • Iscomar Carmen Del Mar - Denia, Ibiza and Palma

The Carmen Del Mar is the best way to start or end your holiday in Spain and the Balearic Islands.

Iscomar Carmen Del Mar Ferry Ship

Complete with a piano bar, restaurant, snack bar, discotheque, meeting room, solarium, shop, childrens playground and spacious cabins the Carmen Del Mar is a firm favourite for all travelers.

Launched in 2002 and with a capacity of 540 passengers and 130 cars the Carmen Del Mar sails between Denia, Ibiza and Palma.


  • Iscomar Mercedes Del Mar - Palma and Barcelona

The flagship of Iscomar Ferries the Mercedes Del Mar is the largest of the six ferries in the Iscomar fleet.

Iscomar MercedesDel Mar Ferry Ship

Launched in 2003 the Mercedes Del Mar has in addition to a large freight and cargo area capacity to carry 820 passengers and 400 cars. Iscomar's Mercedes Del Mar ferry sails between Palma and Barcelona.

In additon to a modern restaurant, snack bar, games aracde, solarium and shop the Mercedes Del Mar has cruiseship quality passenger cabins that ensure you arrive at your destination rested and ready to enjoy the day ahead.



Iscamar Ferries

The head office of ISCOMAR is situated at Palma de Mallorca.

Isleña Marítima de Contenedores, S.A. (ISCOMAR) fue fundada en 1979. La sede social de ISCOMAR se encuentra en Palma de Mallorca.

Integrada en el GRUPO CONTENEMAR -lider nacional en el transporte marítimo en contenedores y actividades auxiliares del transporte de mercancías -, su actividad se centra en el tráfico marítimo de contenedores, carga rodada y vehículos entre la Península, las islas Balearse y el tráfico interinsular.

En el año 1998, ISCOMAR decide ampliar su ámbito de actividad, y ofrecer también líneas de pasajeros, creándose la división ISCOMAR ferrys. En dicho año se pone en marcha la línea Alcudia (Mallorca)-Ciutadella (Menorca), dirigida a pasaje, vehículos y carga autopropulsada.

Siguiendo con sus planes de crecimiento y en respuesta al éxito de acogida de su primera línea de pasaje, en el año 2002 ISCOMAR ferrys decide lanzar otras dos líneas de pasaje, vehículos y carga autopropulsada: Barcelona-Palma de Mallorca y Denia-Ibiza-Palma de Mallorca.

Posteriormente, en 2004 pone en marcha otra nueva línea con estas mismas caractarísticas entre Valencia-Palma de Mallorca.

En 2005 ISCOMAR ferrys ha dado un paso más y ha decidido abrir una nueva línea Ibiza-Formentera únicamente para pasaje y vehículos. Para ello ha adquirido el catamarán de alta velocidad denominado "Pitiusa Nova", continuando así con sus planes de crecimiento en el transporte de pasajeros.

Saftey On Board

As safety is concerned, all the ships of ISLEÑA MARITIMA DE CONTENEDORES, S.A. -ISCOMAR- (both the passengers ships and the cargo ships) are regulated by national and international regulations, having therefore the correspondent certificates (Seaworthiness Certificate, Francobordo Certificate...).

All the ships of ISCOMAR are classified by Classification Societies of international prestige, particularly the "Germanischer Lloyd" and "Lloyds Register of Shipping", which carry out periodic inspections in order to verify the correct conditions of the ships and their equipment .All the ships have regulatory means of rescue (rescue lifeboats, lifeguards, boat of quick rescue, life jackets..) to the correct evacuation of the ship in case of emergency.

The company have introduced the ISM Code (International Safety Management) in all its ships, insured quality system by means of safety and pollution are correctly managed , with the purpose of reducing to the minimum the accidents that may cause injures to the passengers, damages to the environment or to property (ship, equipment or cargo). For that purpose, the Spanish Merchant Navy General Sub Secretary has granted the relevant certificates CGS (Management and Safety Certificate) and DOC, that requires respectively to the ships and to the own Company.

Also, by the SOLAS (Internacional Aggrement for the safety of the human life on the sea), there is a continuous program of practical exercises on safety, in order that the crew exercises in different sceneries that may occur in case of accident on board.

Iscomar and The Environment

ISCOMAR has an active commitment in the preservation of the environment and with the marine environment where the ship activity develops.

As far as waste is concerned, all waste generated by the ship that may damage the marine ecosystem , it is carried out on the ships (both the passengers and cargo) a classification of the waste generated, which is placed in containers at ports for it's withdrawn by an authorized company by the correspondent port authority, also the withdrawal of oily residues generated by the ship is correctly handled, for its later treatment. All the ships have the obligatory certificates MARPOL of waste and oily residues withdrawal where certified that those have been delivered to an authorized company in order to accomplish this work.

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Iscomar Ferrys

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Iscomar Ferries operates ferries to Barcelona, Denia, Valencia, Ibiza, Palma de Mallorca, Alcudia and Ciutadella.